About Us

Miami is a renowned city that captures the world’s imagination. When you mention its name you’ll likely spark images of beaches, exotic cars, waterfront mansions, luxury yachts, art deco, and abundant nightlife. Miami is often referred to as the capital of Latin America. This is because of the financial and cultural influence it has throughout the Americas & the Caribbean.

Miami is known for a lot of things, but God is not one of them. Our city is one of the least active Christian cities with some of the lowest volunteerism & charitable rates in the Nation.

That is our current reality. But, what if Miami was known as a great place to live, work, and raise a family? What if our affluent city was known as a generous place that cares? What if Miami leveraged its influence for the glory of God and good of its citizens? What would happen if God became part of the conversations across the city? God cares for the people of Miami and He’s at work in this city. But what if the people of Miami started to care more about God? Could a city known for its Vices be transformed… into a city known for its Virtues?

Everyone has legitimate questions about life, God, faith, and purpose. We believe that when God becomes a part of the conversation things change for good.

Explore God Miami is made up of hundreds of ministries and marketplace leaders that are FROM Miami and FOR Miami. It is a movement of God to connect more effectively individuals to local ministries and churches.